For most of my nursing career, my required continuing education was on a specific, measurable schedule. I spent most of my early years in the hospital. During this time, the institution provided and paid for (if it was off-campus) the required continuing education. The road map of education that I rode along was like a traffic circle, branching out with a conference from time to time. And when I found aesthetic medicine, there was no road map. That’s why I co-founded PNAA––to offer aesthetic continuing education and guidance along the way. 


The career jump that started it all 

When I had hit the wall in emergency medicine, I wondered what on earth I might do that didn’t involve sick people. That’s when I found aesthetic medicine. Then new questions started: how do I begin? What do I need to know? What kind of education do I need? Research yielded no clear-cut answers. There was no requirement, no road map, no traffic circle to spin around in. 

The first step I took in my new career was attending a basic injectable course. Unlike the hospital, there was no continuing education requirement in aesthetic medicine. So, my first employer wasn’t super keen on making financial investments into my education. Hungry for knowledge and wanting to master my craft, I found every course I could to help me hone my skills and it has paid dividends in the quality of my work and artistry.


Aesthetic continuing education makes for better professionals 

When I first got into aesthetics, many education opportunities were limited, especially if someone was in a small office or was a private practitioner. Even today, most only provide training to their larger accounts when a new product is launched.

Where does that leave us? In a nutshell, you’re on your own for knowledge in this industry. If you came from nursing or another part of the medical industry, this independence can be a bit overwhelming (and costly). But, just like other parts of healthcare, aesthetic continuing education makes for better professionals. With continuing education, you can learn new techniques, try new products, collaborate with other industry professionals, and provide an overall better experience for your patients. 


The road map from PNAA

In my beginning research, I found that most courses required students to provide their own products and models, costs that add up quickly. When I co-founded PNAA, I wanted to offer something different and better for students looking for aesthetic continuing education. We set up our Foundations and Advanced Injectable Courses with all costs included and we schedule your models for you. That means you don’t have to worry about who to bring and how much product you may need. 

We tailor each class to the needs of each student. And, after your course, we are available as resources for as long as you need us. Because support, like continuing education, is a necessity for everyone in this industry. 


Ready to get started with aesthetics continuing education? 

If you’re ready to take the leap into your next career, PNAA is here to provide the aesthetics continuing education you need to feel supported, confident, and prepared. We provide a helping hand with tailored and proven courses to meet all your basic and advanced injectable training needs. Ready to get started