According to market data, the male market is one of the fastest-growing aesthetic industry trends. Men are also shopping more frequently and spending twice as much as men of previous generations. For those in our industry, this is an exciting time for growth––for scaling products and procedures, educating a broader audience on services, and providing inclusive, quality aesthetic services for everyone. 


Men are realizing skin care is self care

The men’s skincare market has experienced double-digit growth. Furthermore, some analysts predict a tripling in the size of the market in the next few years. In addition, society’s view on beauty and appearance is fluid. In today’s world, a well-groomed appearance now defines what it is to be a ‘man.’ Men are becoming more image-conscious and are looking for treatments to help them look fresher and more youthful. From manscaping to microdermabrasion to injectables, men are pursuing non-invasive, low downtime treatments that achieve their desired look with subtlety. 


Aesthetic industry trends that can change the industry

In this industry, trends can influence demand practically overnight (think what Kylie’s lips did to fillers). Men could represent a significant portion of the aesthetics and injectables demand in the coming years. But it’s just getting started. In 2019, men accounted for just under ten percent of total aesthetics procedures. While this is still only a small portion of the medical aesthetic market, men are increasingly becoming more cosmetically inclined. 

As male influencers like Manny Gutierrez normalize aesthetic procedures for men and social beauty accounts become more inclusive, the popularity of these procedures for males will continue to grow. But, this doesn’t just change the industry with greater demand. Men “have significant facial anatomical differences compared to women”––thicker skin, larger pores, less subcutaneous fat, and higher sweat generation, to name a few. As more men opt for aesthetics procedures, these differences will likely lead to the creation of new products, procedures, and even affect how we train students.


How to keep up with the demand 

Keeping up with trends in the aesthetics industry is important. To pique a man’s interest, we suggest starting with your marketing materials. In other words, communicating that you understand and cater to the specific needs of men. For instance, this includes your website, brochures, videos, social media posts, and any physical signage. For the rest of your business, this could mean tailored treatments, gender-specific materials, promoted male skincare lines, and even a neutral decor. Above all, this means staying up to date with the latest training techniques and in touch with industry professionals, like those at PNAA


One of the aesthetic industry trends that keeps growing

Male beauty services continue to alter aesthetic industry trends. And we don’t see signs of stopping. You have the chance to be the expert in your market for this rapidly growing segment. The best way to get started? Right here at PNAA.