Medical field burnout was at 42 percent in 2020. With more challenges on the rise, and the continuing pandemic, many medical professionals are looking for a change of pace. There’s truly no better time to gain some insights into new career opportunities. Does this sound like you? Here’s why aesthetic injectables training might be your next career move. 


The aesthetics industry is growing fast

If you hadn’t yet heard, the aesthetics industry has grown dramatically over the past few years. With no signs of slowing down, more opportunities for medical professionals to join the field are opening up every day. 

Investing in aesthetic injectables training now gives you the skills and knowledge needed to make a seamless transition into an ever-growing, lucrative market.  


This training doesn’t take forever to complete 

A career change in the medical field may bring up concerns about schooling, time, and the money it will take. But that’s not the case with the aesthetics training courses at Pacific Northwest Aesthetics Academy. At PNAA, all training courses range from one to six days to complete and leave you with the knowledge and skills you need to enter the field right away. In addition, there are no extra long-term residencies required since you’re already medically licensed. And, the affordable, all-inclusive rates won’t break the bank.


Our courses give you a clear road map

One of the initial concerns that steer some medical professionals away from the aesthetics industry is a general lack of guidelines and opportunities for training. That’s one of the primary reasons why we started PNAA. 

We wanted to provide medical professionals with the best training out there. And to ensure all medical professionals looking to learn more about aesthetics had access to reliable continued education opportunities that provide:

    • The best information on best practices and safe, reliable techniques
    • Ample opportunities for hands-on practice to help students hone their craft
    • And accreditations that allowed them to prove their skills to potential employers


Kick start your career with PNAA’s aesthetic injectables training 

At PNAA, it’s not just about sharing the latest techniques. Instead, the goal is to lend our industry experience to help licensed medical professionals find more fulfillment and joy in their work. So, if you’re feeling burned out in your day job, and are looking for a supportive environment to gain new skills, contact the team here at PNAA, and take the next step in your medical career.