We see you. Working those long nights in the hospital, missing birthdays, holidays, and milestones. You’ve put in the time, effort, sweat, and tears. And while you probably wouldn’t change your career choices so far (except, maybe, the constant feeling of burnout), we understand the search for something different. PNAA is your next career step, by taking our aesthetics courses, you can begin a career with more freedom than ever. 


PNAA was created for those next steps 

We created PNAA for medical professionals looking to switch gears in their careers. If you’re a licensed medical professional and you want to use your skills in a different capacity, then our aesthetics courses offer a solution. We believe in taking a hands-on, one-on-one approach with our students to give them the skills and confidence to produce incredible work and have fulfilling careers in this industry. 


The right aesthetics courses for your career

We offer four essential aesthetics courses that introduce students to the industry’s best products and practices in a structured, positive setting. While each aesthetics course has a slightly different focus, they all offer trade tools that you will take with you at your next (or own!) practice. They include: 


Injectable Foundations Plus

We break our Injectables Foundations Plus course into four days of focused, hands-on learning. 

This comprehensive training gives students extensive experience with skin analysis and treatment planning, skincare treatments, neuromodulator and filler injecting. In addition to as well as micro cannula training.

During the first day you will learn how to assess the skin and develop treatment plans, perform dermaplaning, chemical peels, micro needling and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments. Day two will focus on neuromodulator training, including hands-on patient assessment and injection techniques with models. Day three is all about dermal filler training with facial structure examination, assessment skills, and what to do if your patient has an adverse reaction. On your final day, you’ll learn microcannula techniques for use with hyaluronic acid fillers.

4 Days | 24.5 Hours • 17 CE Credits • Investment $5,150


Injectable Foundations

Our signature two-day Injectable Foundations course was designed to help students transition seamlessly from traditional medical fields to aesthetics. During these days, you’ll get hands-on experience with neuromodulator and filler injections. This is the perfect course for students planning on working in an established office. Whereas the Foundations Plus course is ideal for entrepreneurs wanting to build their own practice.  

The first day is all about neuromodulators. You’ll learn the mechanism of action, efficacy, adverse reactions, and treatment considerations. Day two is about dermal fillers. For this day, you’ll get an introduction to the different types, consultation techniques, and how facial structures and aging can change patient solutions. Throughout this course, students work closely with experienced trainers and get plenty of practice with student models. 

2 Days | 17 Hours • 17 CE Credits • Investment $3,750


Skin Care for the Medical Provider 

The PNAA skin care course is designed for those medical providers already working in the aesthetic space who want to grow their practice. It’s a one-day aesthetics course that can stand alone or complement training from one of our other injectables courses. 

During this course, you’ll learn skin care treatments that help maximize client retention and revenue. These treatments include chemical peels, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy, microneedling, and the use of medical-grade skincare products. 

1 Day | 9 Hours • Investment $1,500


Advanced Injectables 

The PNAA Advanced Injectable training course is a one-day course for experienced injectors. The course allows students to dive right into hands-on training and adapts to suit goals. In fact, we often work with teams for on-site training customized to their practice. 

During the 10-hour course, our experienced trainers will go over advanced techniques to enhance facial volume with neuromodulators and fillers using needles and micro-cannulas. We also offer a four-hour PDO thread training session as needed.  

1 Day | 10 Hours • 7.75 CE Credits • Investment $2,500


For your next career step: sign up for our aesthetics courses today! 

Our students are the reason PNAA exists, and we’re grateful every day for the opportunity to offer top-notch learning experiences. By taking aesthetics courses, you’re one step closer to pursuing the next step in your medical career––with more freedom and time than ever before. If you’re ready, start here.