Like most industries, the aesthetic industry is always evolving. To stay on track and on our toes, continuing education is necessary. That’s why opportunities like the MedSpa are so important to making sure we offer the best education for our students at PNAA. After just getting back from the 2021 show in Vegas, we’re more excited than ever about the future of aesthetics. 


What is the MedSpa Show? 

The MedSpa Show put on by AmSpa is something we look forward to every year. It’s the only trade show in the U.S. for medical spas and non-invasive medical aesthetics. Plus, it’s a fantastic way for our team to continue educating ourselves. The event is open to all medical aesthetic professionals––from owners and directors to practitioners and desk staff. The show is focused on education, with industry-leading instructors who go over everything from industry best practices to the latest in aesthetic marketing. 

Last year’s show finished shortly before country-wide shutdowns happened. With proper safety precautions, the 2021 show was also an in-person event. We were grateful for the opportunity to meet with industry leaders face-to-face. This was our second year attending and part of the fun is seeing live demonstrations and putting new techniques into practice. 

Whether we’re in one of the lecture halls taking notes from industry leaders, the exhibit hall getting one-on-one time with top industry brands, or networking during the trade show events, MedSpa proves to be the perfect refresher course each year! 


What MedSpa Show 2021 Taught Us 

We took a divide and conquer approach with the clinical and business tracks to make sure we didn’t miss a thing. After debriefing as a team, we’ve put together our top takeaways: 


Clinical takeaways

It’s always validating when we go to a national conference and see that we are right in line with the industry leaders and that, as providers and clinical trainers, we are doing and teaching the safest, most current, and most appropriate way to treat a face.

From both the injector and training standpoint, the trend is moving away from the overdone look. It’s all about natural beauty enhancement now. We’re not our Instagram filters, we’re humans. We have pores, flaws, and nasolabial folds. We are supposed to have those things! Overall, we just want to be the best version of ourselves (and do the same for our clients). 

Lastly, we noticed a trend that appealed to us as providers. The industry is beginning to treat the entire face and get away from talking about numbers of syringes and cost per syringe. We think patients will get better overall outcomes by developing treatment plans based on level of correction with a price range to get there. 

Overall, from the clinical side, it’s all about helping our patients look and feel their best while we maintain safe and consistent outcomes.


Business takeaways 

On the business side, we see an industry-wide need to address community over competition. We need one another. The better the aesthetic practice across the street does, the better we do. On the flip side of that, a train wreck practice can take us all down. That said, proper education with safety as the first priority is key. The best providers are long-term students that take every opportunity for continued education. 

Second, as we emerge from the pandemic, it’s encouraging to see that the aesthetics industry has bounced back faster than the majority of other businesses. Of the 20% of businesses that closed, they were typically financially unhealthy or had improper procedures in place prior to COVID-19. Although PNAA is not a medical spa, we train providers who either join medical spas, dermatology or plastic surgery offices, or open their own business. It’s imperative that our students know state laws and regulations, abide by them, and have solid policies in place. 

The third takeaway is simple: the more you spend on training, the more you get out. 

Overall, as aesthetic medical providers, we need to give support to one another for the greatest chance of success for all. 


Bringing it back to teach the future of aesthetics 

After another successful year attending the MedSpa Show, we’re more excited than ever to put some of our favorite new techniques into practice. We’re also thrilled that we’re right in line with industry experts to provide the best possible education to our students. At PNAA, we’re teaching the future of aesthetics. This involves our continuing education and commitment to the best this industry has to offer.