So you’ve made the decision to get into aesthetics, you’ve gotten your training, your space, your medical director and you are ready to get started, now what?

It’s easy to get sucked into the “I need everything” pitfall when it comes to aesthetics. It’s new and shiny and you’re excited to get started. And while your practice IS new and shiny, you definitely don’t need to buy everything right away. However, it is important to open accounts with all of your injectable companies and that is what we recommend you do first.

Let me tell you why:

  1. The first and easiest reason is free stuff. When you open accounts with injectable companies they will most likely give you samples of their product line for you to try out in your practice. This serves multiple purposes. It gives you the opportunity to practice your new skills, the opportunity to use new products that you might not have tried and let’s be honest…would you buy a new car without ever seeing it or touching it or driving it around the block? Most likely not, so why would you invest thousands of dollars on products that you have never tried out? This also benefits the injectable companies because they have the opportunity to first, sell their product to you and second, help you sell it to your clients. It’s a win-win.
  2. The second and possibly most important reason is that opening accounts gives you access to each company’s on-line educational sites. These portals offer a wealth of training tools, injection videos, anatomy reviews, virtual lectures and training, injection technique videos and more! These can be a great asset to you in your budding practice.
  3. Another reason, is that it gives you an opportunity to build a relationship with your rep for the injectable companies. As you begin to start and grow your practice your company reps will be a great resource for additional training as well as help for growing your practice. You want to make sure that you not only like the product they are offering, but that you feel supported as well!

So, once you’ve opened the accounts, do you have to order from all of the companies? Absolutely not! Pick out 2 or 3 favorites and start with those. There’s always room to grow and add more products down the line, but opening an account by no means obligates you to make a purchase.

By Lauren Pearson